Your Brokerage: Compass

Compass is the leading brokerage in Los Angeles. A breakthrough brokerage that is advancing the real estate platforms for agents and all of their clients. It is the most innovative residential real estate firm, continuously growing in the industry to provide the utmost for their clients.

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Your Team: Leah Loves Homes Team, Compass

Principal: Leah Walczak

Leah Walczak’s understanding of customer service stems from her decorative background in sales. From health sales to family real estate, Leah understands the need for distinctive real estate representation. Real estate is a competitive industry. Leah’s winning mentality comes from years of competing and coaching track and field. “I get great pleasure from winning for my clients. From the start to helping them cross the finish line, I always want to help my clients succeed with their real estate goals. I can’t imagine doing it any other way.”
As a full-time agent Leah’s approach to real estate is focused around getting to know her clients as real people, and taking care of them from beginning to end. Leah believes “There is no place like home and the ability to provide for your family and future through cash-flowing and appreciating investments is priceless. I put my full energy into helping people make the best decisions with real estate investments. I love it when I can present my clients with the inside track to exclusive properties.”

Team Member: Anthony Chan

Anthony’s ability to understand a client’s needs, hear a client’s wants and then exceed his client’s expectations comes from a long lineage of hospitality within hotels. Spending almost a decade of his professional career overseeing the sales, catering and marketing of a few award winning hotels; he was able to cultivate the skills necessary to take his real estate passion to new heights.

One thing he shares that is valuable is patience.  “Clients are often venturing into their first major purchase and this is a major life decision for them.  Educating them on the process and being there to answer a question that you may have answered a million times but it is their first time asking is truly a satisfying experience because it means you’re helping someone and that is what a real estate agent is supposed to do!”  When asked where he learned to be so patient and determined he shared “I played semi-professionally as a poker player during my college years and I played competitive golf at a really high level since the age of 7.  This has taught me to take things one hand or one swing at a time and to never give up just because the odds seem stacked against you.”

Anthony works between part-time and full-time as an agent so that he can develop real personal connections with his clients and provide them with the dedicated attention they deserve.  When Anthony joined the team of Leah Walczak of  Leah Loves Homes, he knew he found the right fit and the right person.  “Leah, from day one, always shared the same philosophies and desires of genuinely caring about her clients and doing right by them which is what I strive to do.”

If Anthony isn’t in the office working hard for his clients you’ll find him either on the poker felt or the golf course keeping his mental competitive side sharp.