2619 Greenfield Ave West LA 90064

      Well it is Tuesday again, and you know what that means! Broker’s Caravan Day! New listings that have hit the market showcase for agents, like myself. Broker’s Caravan is essential so we can bring our buyer clients and spread the news of the hot new properties available.

      In Los Angeles alone, there are currently over 10,000 residential properties for sale. To beat the competition and get top dollar for your property, showcasing and advertising correctly is a must!

      Today was beautiful out- sunny and in the mid-70’s. I know what you are thinking, isn’t it usually sunny in Southern California? YES, however, it is mid-June and “June Gloom” was not in today’s forecast, clear skies all day! But unlike the stereotypical beachbum Californian, I’m breaking a sweat from walking up and down house stairs getting my real estate on 😉 “June Gloom” is a Southern Californian term that we use during the spring to summer transition that brings overcast skies.

      I headed to my office at Rodeo Realty and opened my the MLS Broker’s Caravan book, there were 8 properties in the Westside that I wanted to view because I felt they were the closest to what my buyers are looking for. I think it is wise and time conscientious to check out properties in person before having clients make the trip to the actual house.

      2619 Greenfield Ave was my favorite property I viewed, listed by Sterns & Lieb. T20170620_130153his contemporary masterpiece is situated on a peaceful neighborhood pocket in West LA. West LA is a small area just east of Santa Monica, south of Brentwood, and north of Mar Vista. This property was technically flipped (rebuilt to sell for another owner). It was purchased in 2015 for $700,000 during a foreclosure sale. The developers tore down the previous house and built a new beautiful dream home. 

      Starting with outside, they used mostly dry landscaping, cement, succulents that don’t need much water to live long. And they grow in so many different beautiful colors. I like what they did here- contrasting greens and shades of orange.

20170620_130141I love the large windows throughout the house. Windows are one of the most expensive features in a house (believe it or not), really adding to the luxury feel. I like how the windows are ceiling-height in the parts of the house where the natural light will be appreciated most (the dining and kitchen area, family room, and master bedroom).

Of course there are many developers doing the same thing, following the same trends, and end up having the same cookie cutter mini-mansions all over LA. But this one has a lot of unique touches, I believe it is because this building group is primarily out of the South bay.

20170620_124829With a mix of stone, epai wood, large windows, straight contemporary cuts, and flat roof tops, the developers made this into a modern house with a touch of hominess by way of natural material shining through.

My favorite part of the house was the open outdoor-indoor family room. Large glass windows perpendicularly enclosed the sitting arrangement the with just a click of a button. You can cook on the grill, make way to the kitchen, watch the football game, or season 7 of Game of Thrones, kick around a soccer ball, and still feel cozy and secure in your home.

Listed for $2,299,000, this 5 bedroom, 4 bath house with over 2,000 square feet could be yours.


Is this the house you have been looking for? Let us know!

Love your home, love your life.







-Leah Loves Homes, Rodeo Realty






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