Hello Home Lovers,
New week, new beautiful homes!

This week has been absolutely gorgeous. The sun has been out and you can just feel So Cal shifting into the summer fun mode. People are out and about at parks and beaches, exploring the beautiful area we live in. So of course I had to participate in some fun myself and what else is more fun than looking at beautiful homes!

The home that I fell in love with this week is a modern 4 bed 5 bath on 5156 Pickford Way in Culver City. IMG_0111I’m not sure if you read that correctly so I’ll reiterate, 5 bathrooms. 5. 😍 More about the bathrooms later. Located only 10 minutes away from the Westside Pavilion but tucked away in a residential area, this home is the perfect getaway from the hustle bustle of LA. Best part it’s only 7 miles from Venice Beach, perfect for these warm summer days.

Driving up to the house, to say my breath was taken away is an understatement. With a perfect combination of modern and green. Often modern homes stay simplistic and avoid adding trees and grass to the property to keep the home simple but this home was bursting with green from the beginning, inviting me into the home.

IMG_0112Walking into the home I felt as if I was transported into home heaven. With an open floor plan, contrasting colors, and lots of natural light it was everything I could ever dream it could be. The further into the house I went the more I fell in love.

There are two things that matter most to me in a home the bathroom and the kitchen, I’ll talk about the bathrooms a little later, but this kitchen is to die for. Do you ever worry about storage space? That would not be a worry with this kitchen. With more storage space then you could count and an oven that is in the wall this kitchen is perfect for hosting parties. Spacious, light, and a bar for guests to sit and eat this kitchen just begs for you to spend hours in. Did I mention there’s a small window in front of the sink? Perfect for having a view when washing dishes.IMG_0113

Up the beautiful black & glass staircase, I make my way up to my favorite rooms. The bedrooms are filled with natural light. Then there’s the bathrooms. To put it simply, marble styled floors, glass sit down shower, and detached tub. Gorgeous, bright, just begging to be spent hours in. To top it all off this house has two outdoor areas to sit out eat yummy food and enjoy a pitcher of lemonade.

For 2,890,000 this dream 4 bedroom 5 bath with 3,404 sq ft home could be all yours. Reach out to Leah Loves Homes for more details.

5156 Pickford Way Culver City

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