Request for Repairs

What is a Request for Repairs?

   After your offer is accepted on your new home, you enter escrow. Within the first week, the buyer should have their physical inspection done. The physical inspector will write up a report and tell the buyer and the buyer’s agent what is necessary to fix if it is a hazard. It is then common for the buyer to come back and ask for credits or repairs on these items. After all every buyer wants their new home to be clear of any problems before moving in! We prefer to only receive (or give) credits rather than repairs. We will help you go through the items to verify they are legitimate, and that the costs requested to fix are correct. We will cross check with our vendors for their costs on these items to make sure they are not over asking. The process may include some back and fourth offers and counter offers for the request to repairs. The goal is to come to a satisfactory compromise on both sides. The request to repairs does not mean that the seller has to fix everything the buyer asks. And the requests commonly are to fix anything that could be potentially harmful rather than cosmetic. 

After the request to repairs has been completed, the buyer will then remove that contingency and bring us closer to completing the sale. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

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