One of the biggest perks of living of living in Los Angeles is the beauty that we live in a perpetual summer, never having to worry about “seasons” ruining our fun at the beach or a nice outdoor bar-be-que. However, at times we do want to relish in the warmth that can be cozy Autumn days and nights. There is a way that we can have the best of both worlds. Here are fun ways to start integrating fall into your LA home!


Pumpkin Spice Candles

3-wick candle. Bath & Body Works $22.50

Pumpkin Spice has become the taste for Fall. Between cookies and muffins to the infamous pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks, pumpkin spice has become a “welcome to fall” staple for the upcoming holiday seasons. This pumpkin spice candle is sure to put you in the fall mood. If you are looking for a fun indoor activity this coming weekend, you can try a fun DIY pumpkin spice candle.

Gold Serving BowlGold Serving Bowls

Threshold Hammer Large Serving Bowl Target $19.99

Nothing screams Autumn more than wonderful golden undertones. Matched with a red tablecloth or beautiful red apples, this stunning display bowl is the perfect way to bring warmth to your living room and instantly put you in an Autumn mood.


Kale Apple Salad

LA is known for being health conscious and loving kale. However, fall is known for having a bad reputation of overeating and gaining a bit of extra holiday weight. But, with this yummy healthy salad you don’t have to sacrifice taste, or your waistline, to get in the fall spirit. This quick 20 minute delicious recipe will have you feeling perfectly in the holiday spirit with it’s sweet apples and dijon mustard. Add in the mouth watering maple and walnut dressing and you will be feeling healthy and indulgent. Find the recipe here!

Cinnamon Toast Drink

Cinnamon Toast

It’s not fall without a little bit of cinnamon-y goodness. Here’s a fun yummy drink for adults that will keep you warm during the chilly LA nights, or crank up your AC so you can feel like it’s chilly. This tasty fall drink is perfect after a long day at work or after the kids have gone to bed. With amazing hot apple cider and a little bit of Captain Morgan spiced rum you’ll feel relaxed and ready for the holidays. Add sweet sugar and cinnamon to the rim of your cup to get the full autumn taste with each sip that you take. You can find the recipe here.

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Warming Up the Home this Autumn

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