Responsibilities of Your Realtor


      Finding home listings is just the tip of the iceberg. When you decide you want to start working with a Realtor, you should interview a few Realtors to make sure the one you pick is a good fit and you both are in it 100%. 

When you work with a Realtor you are letting them represent you. This means finding the new home of your dreams, locking down the biggest investments of your life, negotiating and delegating your entire home purchase transaction.

Your Realtor should be:

1. Caring for your needs and wants. It is our fiduciary duty to put You first and foremost before our personal needs. 

2. Teaching you about the current market, trends in your desired location, and making sure you understand the product that you will be purchasing.

3. Giving you an accurate prediction on your homes future value. You want to make sure your Realtor is teaching you about your return on your investment.

4. Discussing how to make your offer very strong, The market it always changing, especially for first time home buyers, putting in offers on homes can be a shot in the dark.

5. Negotiating on your behalf. You want terms your way- you want the price to match the value- you want repairs done, etc- your agent should be making sure you feel good about buying your new home and not allowing you to be ripped off.

6. Making sure it is a smooth transaction through Escrow to closing and being prepared for any problems that may pop up.

7. Exclusive. You and your agent should have an exclusive agreement. If you want your agent to be working for you 200%, then you as the client should be in it 100%. 

Your Realtor should be doing the work for you! Buying your new home is exciting, you want a Realtor that is going to make the transaction as smooth and stress-free as possible. 


Love your Home, Love your Life.