Relocating to Los Angeles

You may be relocating for work, or you may be relocating just for a change of scenery. Either way you have begun your new home search from hundreds of miles or even thousands away. This is an exciting new journey, but also can be a nervous one.

What steps to take:

1. Write down all locations you are interested in and the type of new home and lifestyle you want.
2. Interview agents. Have phone or Skype meetings and understand what each agent specializes in and their credentials. You may also want to ask for a few of their referrals to call.
3. Pick an agent and tell them number one. Make sure your agent is local to your destination!
4. Have your agent start by sending properties that are in your price range so you know what to expect.
5. Learn what shops, schools, parks, type of area each property has. Because you live in a different state, you may want to have your agent send short videos and pictures of the neighborhood.
6. If you are financing make sure to get your pre-approval letter ready, this will be submitted with your offer once you find a home you like.
7. Have your agent send extra pictures and videos of the property you like to make sure it is the right one.
8. Start the offer and submit it!

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