What to do when Inventory is Low

Branch out to Nearby Neighborhoods

There may be neighborhoods a few blocks down from your search that offers just as much as you wanted! The market is always changing, and if you are well-advised your next purchase could be in a great up-coming and growing neighborhood.


Check Back-on-Market Listings

Homes that your offer was previously not accepted may have fallen out of Escrow and became once again available. This can happen for numerous reasons, so get the inside scoop. Back-on-market listings are one of the best deals in today’s market! Why? Because 80% of buyers see homes the first week to 3 weeks they are on the market. After they are in Escrow, you can say bye-bye to all of those buyers, losing traffic, and potentially losing a great profit. Seller’s become desperate and very motivated to sell and are more willing to accept an offer under their asking price. Be sure to keep an eye on the listings you have missed.


Make sure you have a good Agent

No one knows the market better than a good seasoned-Realtor. I make sure all of my clients see the newest listings before anyone else. This keeps us ahead of the game.


Love you Home, love your Life.



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